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Procurement Services & Maximised Cost Savings from a Single Source

Electool is Central Europe's leading provider for strategic sourcing and negotiation solutions for enterprises and marketplaces. Through a combination of easy-to-use while state-of-the-art Internet-based applications and tailormade first-class consulting and technical services, Electool increases the performance of buyers and sellers in the strategic sourcing and procurement process.


Experts, technology, outsourcing

Outstanding people and exceptional technology to identify, realize and continuously improve savings.


Most companies spend more than half of their revenues procuring outside goods and services, from raw materials to flightickets and office supplies. Electool is committed to helping companies reduce procurement related costs in many ways:

  • with lower prices,
  • more efficient and effective buying,
  • better utilization of resources to achieve significant savings on the bottom line.


We offer a complete range of services for identifying, realizing and improving procurement savings. Our services go beyond simply finding unit cost savings or deploying software. Combining excellent people and technology, we work with customers to develop multiple, harmonized cost-saving strategies, then help execute those strategies to take full advantage of results year after year.


The ways we help customers vary with each business situation. Every company's procurement needs are different, and we adapt services to match, from strategic sourcing support to complete transaction and category management. In some cases we supplement existing staff, capabilities, market knowledge. In some cases, we provide services on a fully outsourced basis.


We are specialized doing procurement, that is the business field in which we are proficient. Electool delivers a different degree of service in one very important respect. We are the only company that works with you through the full procurement process with a sole focus on procurement. We don't give parts of the job to other companies or have other business interests. Everything we do is aimed to one purpose: reducing procurement costs for our customers.


It all depends on your requirements:

  • We can analyze your expenditures and identify saving opportunities.
  • We can help you source and buy faster to save time and resources.
  • We can give you more accurate purchasing information and control for greater savings.
  • We can help you achieve the lowest total cost for goods and services with sourcing expertise and tools.
  • We can help you increase compliance to ensure savings are realized.
  • We can help you significantly rationalize purchase-to-payment processes.
  • We can help you accelerate ROI on eProcurement investments.
  • We can deliver continuous cost improvements with dedicated category management.