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Initial State

A multinational group has acquired a medium-sized bank in Moscow. Simultaneously with the acquisition, the bank started expansion. Growth was significant not only in human resources but also in infrastructure. Accordingly, major investments and procurements were made. 


The bank, uniquely in Russia, wanted to use online auction to support spending. After testing with in-house and outside market players, they chose Electool’s AuctionTool system. 

The reasons why Electool’s Fluenta Auction (former AuctionTool) was chosen:


  • It provides a simple user interface that does not require intense training or support
  • The solution is built on the latest technology, ensuring real-time operation even at the smallest bandwidth
  • It features a smart training function
  • The system comes with a built-in audit feature


    The bank had significant savings at the first online auction and suppliers also welcomed the new technology. Electool sees great potential in the Russian market and strives to establish a strong foothold in this market quickly.