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Initial State

Two of our client’s procurement experts had been transferred to another location, and the lack of experts created difficulties in handling procurement-related tasks.


Based on consultations with the client, our company revealed the needs and dedicated a competent expert to the firm. 

Not only was the task of our expert to replace the two missing internal experts, but to also contribute to the project at hand and increase procurement efficiency. .

The assignment was “delicate” because our colleague had to possess the necessary expertise while heavily overloaded with tasks and working overtime. Our client realized that through the use of an external expert, there was knowledge transfer between the expert and organization.


    • Our client was able to fill in the gap quickly in a field where there is huge shortage of experts.
    • Employment was cost-effective because upon finishing tasks, the need for an external specialist expired.
    • Our expert brought additional experience and knowledge to the firm.
    • The expert worked along with the staff to better understand necessary tasks anddetails. As a result, the expert efficiently carried out tasks.