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Initial State

A key public service company had been struggling to reach an optimum solution with the administration of construction tenders. Construction had to be carried out in multiple locations and there were a large number of qualified suppliers/constructors, but the selection of one or few contractors was hindered by both physical and geographical burdens. 

Another decisive aspect was to reach an optimum cost when selecting contractors. Therefore it was necessary to ensure, or expand, the possibility of competitive tendering. 


Electool provided a multi-stage, cascading support plan to address the complexity of the problem and reach an optimum solution. 

In the first phase of the project, we assisted the elaboration of a tendering procedure that provided the basis for electronic proposal submissions as well as a rapid, transparent evaluation on all offers. 

With this achievement contractors were able to modify their offers in multiple rounds, based on their capacity and prices. 

With another phase in conjunction with the above, we used our electronic auctioning and tendering tools to receive and evaluate such special proposals. The tools  assessed several cost components and  provided feedback about the multi-round procedure. 

In the third step, we analyzed and modified the allocation algorithm. We reconfigured an algorithm that was mathematically proven to provide the optimum solution. We then implemented this methodology to the existing electronically supported tendering procedure.


    The new tendering procedure provided the client significant cost savings and ensured optimization in distributing contraction work. The new method significantly accelerated the tendering process and ensures the possibility of regular tendering at shorter intervals, all at a lower costs. 

      The method is also beneficial to the suppliers because they can submit offers faster and easier, in multiple rounds and based on their own costs. The process provides total transparency both the sides of the buyer and supplier.