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Initial State

A geographically distributed enterprise with several thousands of employees had been struggling with how to computerize the requisition-to-order process in some business areas. They wanted to make their process faster, properly documented, have the ability to map electronic approval structure and manage contract quota usage in a way to make sure the back-end system send an alert with every new public procurement procedure.


Electool solved the problem by implementing Fluenta (an earlier ProcurementTool), a system capable of addressing all the problems faced in the initial state. The system was deployed to over 1000 users within a –very short time and without any difficulties whatsoever. Users login and understand Fluenta easily. It provides them a user-friendly interface to generate requisitions and also helps managers approve them. Careful design, continuous support and ease of use facilitated quick deployment and migration to a large number of users.


    Employees adopted the use of electronic requisitions, accelerated processes, monitored quotas including optimizing quota exhaustion across business units. The management now has a highly efficient control tool to manage procurements and orders, or to intervene if necessary. 

        Although the company had gone through multiple reorganization and re-engineering, all approval and requisition processes were mapped quickly and smoothly in the new system. This ensured the continuity of the company’s operation throughout the transition.