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Initial State

Leading Hungarian pharmaceutical and FMCG company uses a large number of vehicles for field sales force. Replacing used vehicles raises several accounting and taxation problems resulting in a large amount of administration work and unsold vehicles.


The company has chosen Electool’s FleetTool Sales solution to resolve all problems relating to sales of cars.

Services Electool provided and advantages for the client:


  • We managed outsourcing for all vehicle sales  like overseeing inspections, requesting competitive proposals and prices.We totally separated it from the company’s internal business structure. This helped to eliminate several sale conflicts within the firm and enabled neutral and transparent sales channels.
  • Local and international auditors accepted and supported the new FleetTools Sales processes for the following reasons:
  1. It is neutral 
  2. Prevents any internal abuse 
  3. Sales are made in accordance with bid results 
  4. Any agreements between 2-3 dealers are eliminated 
  5. Fully transparent documentation
  • The clientele generally consisted of a varying base of 10-15 dealers and this ensured for flexibility and good prices • Sales were facilitated by ascending price auctions on a restricted auctioning interface by invitation
  • Sales were based on Eurotax price quotes 
  • Vehicle inspections were made  by authorized repair shops that included a warranty 
  • Employees were also allowed to make offers for the cars


Market prices were achieved and this was beneficial to the company both in terms of finances and taxation. The income scored 20-30 percent higher than previous sale prices. The company eliminated the burden of 130 vehicle sales allowing the entire administration more time left for core activites and handle other business matters. All this took place in a quick a professional way, to the satisfaction of both internal and external stakeholders.