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Initial State

Our company was selected by Kaspersky Lab, one of the world's largest manufacturer of endpoint security solutions and security software. The client entrusted our company to scrutinize its sourcing process, analyze its activities and invite its major suppliers to tender. They wanted to increase efficiency and profits on its operations in Russia. Electool delivered on these expectations using our online auctioning software AuctionTool. 


The software company realized the benefits of online auctioning, where suppliers compete with each other to establish a realistic market price and to win a given deal. This pricing method is generally based on cost calculation by the supplier, which is rare for the buyer. 

Another important principle was to manage procurements in a transparent and traceable way, and AuctionTool is a software that fully met these requirements.

As a powerful market player and developer of highly successful software products for home and business users, Kaspersky has considerable potential for making profits. However, the company focuses on costs, not just revenues. They recognized at an early stage that it was not enough to perform well in terms of revenues. Costs also needed increasing attention. The software company achieved significant savings already at the first online auction and suppliers also welcomed the relevant changes in the process. 

Another reason why maximum savings achieved by tendering has been important for the company, is their recently formulated objective to become one of the three biggest regional players in the Central European market. Kaspersky will release a new product for its business customers in the near future, aiming to strengthen its position in the corporate segment. According to the expectations of the company’s regional leader, mobile security will drive growth in the industry over the next few years. The particular region somewhat lacks behind Western countries in this field but smart phone and tablet security has become increasingly important.