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Registration and access

Who can register in the system?

Fluenta offers by-invitation-only registration opportunities for Participants. This means that the registration process is fully managed by users already registered on Fluenta as event organizers, and is controlled by a unique registration code that is contained in the welcome letter for Participants. Users with a registration code can register an account, but the activation of the account is in each case subject to the approval of the Organizer who issued the invitation. The Organizer may at his discretion decide to accept or refuse the registration (e.g. if the data entered by the Participant during the registration is incomplete). Participants will be notified by email about activation (or rejection) of their account.

New Organiser registration is only possible via Fluenta Support. If you would like to register a new Organizer account, please contract us. 

What should I do if I forgot my password or my user name?

Use the “Forgot your password?” function on the system’s login page. After entering your e-mail address you will immediately receive a system message with your user name and a code generated by the system. Use this code to log in. Access is a two-step process:

  • enter your user name and the code sent to you / Enter button
  • on the next screen: enter the password sent to you, then enter and verify the password you want to use from now on. 

What shall I do if my e-mail address has been changed and I forgot my password?

If you can still read the e-mails arriving to your previous e-mail address: After you had requested the password reminder and logged into the system you can modify your e-mail address in the Profile - Edit user data menu item.

If you are unable to read your mails arriving to your previous e-mail address: Please write an e-mail to indicating your user name and both the old and the currently active e-mail address. Once you receive a positive confirmation from Customer Service, ask for a password reminder mail. Your new password will be sent to your active e-mail address.

I don't know whether I was invited to an auction or to a tender procedure.

The subject and content of the system notification indicates the type of the procedure. Please read carefully the e-mails sent by the system.

My colleague has registered in the system. Can I use his/her login data?

If your colleague shares with you his/her user name and password combination to log in, you can access the system with his/her registration. If you would like to have your own user account, please contact the organizer of the procedure.

My e-mail address has been changed. How can I modify it?

Once you have logged in, it is possible to change the e-mail address, among others, under personal data in the Edit Profile section.

How can I register in the system?

You can register in the system with the registration code sent to you by the organizer of the procedure in the Invitation letter. Under the login interface you find the “Register” button. Start the registration process from here by entering the code. From the moment your registration is complete (the requester has approved the registration) you can be invited to auctions or tender procedures.

I have recently registered but cannot log in to the system.

The organizer has not yet approved your registration. Please contact the organizer if you think that too much time has elapsed and approval should have been done already, or, if you don’t know the organizer’s data please contact our customer service.

Viewing procedures

I have logged into the system but cannot see the specific procedure. How is this possible?

There could be a number of reasons:

  • You logged in with another user name and not with the one assigned by the organizer to the procedure. Check which e-mail address you were sent the earlier correspondence in connection with this particular procedure and log in with the appropriate ID.
  • The organizer has not yet finalized the procedure, therefore it is not displayed for bidders. The procedure can only be finalized by the organizer, and once this is done it will be visible in the system. The system will send you an automatic notification when the procedure is finalized.
  • If you have just recently registered, the organizer has not yet assigned your registration to the corresponding procedure in the system. If this does not happen in a short time, please contact the organizer of the procedure.
  • It is possible that you are not in the right Fluenta module. In case of tender procedures please look for titles Fluenta Tender or Fluenta Sourcing, and Fluenta Auction for electronic auctions/reverse auctions.

I have questions about the procedure, whom shall I contact?

Electool is responsible for providing the interface for the auction or tender. Please contact the organizer about questions on technical matters or on the content of the procedure.

After logging in the system I can only see the Fluenta Admin interface, but not the procedures.

You have clicked on a link which points to the Fluenta Admin section. You may view the procedures by clicking menu items Tender, Sourcing or Auction.

Participation in a tender procedure

I can only see the name of the tender on the starting page, nothing else.

Access period has not yet started; this is when you will be able to see details of the tender procedure.

I do not find where to upload my proposal.

You can open the bidding interface edited by the requester by clicking on the “Fill in questionnaire” icon depicting a red pencil, on the right of the procedure’s name.  Information and documents relating to the request of proposal are accessible from this interface and this is where bidders have to upload their offers.

I get an error message when entering my phone number, tax number or bank account number.

It is possible that the organizer of the procedure has set some of these fields as text. If this is the case you are not allowed to use special characters (such as bracelets, hyphen, etc.) and the entry in the field may not begin with 0. For phone numbers, we suggest to use 36 instead of 06.

I am unable to save the questionnaire.

Please check if the upload period has already started. If yes, check if there are any mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk) left empty. Until you have any mandatory fields missing you are unable to save the questionnaire.

Important: Saving an offer does not mean it is uploaded and sent. Information saved before the upload period are not forwarded to the Requester. The offer is valid if the elaborated data is uploaded to the Requester’s server during the upload period by using the "Save and upload" button. 

I have declared my proposal as final but now I would still like to modify it.

The organizer of the procedures has the right to set proposal upload criteria to request confirmation by the tenderer when the final proposal is submitted, but this cannot be changed later. If you have any problem please contact the requester.

How do I know for sure that upload was successful?

The bidder can make sure whether the upload was successful on the Start page, by checking the time displayed in the ”Upload time” column and in the e-mail sent by the system with subject line “Notification of tender upload”. In addition to procedure data, the e-mail also lists any attached files and their sizes.

Upload is complete but I have questions / want to send documents to the organizer.

You can ask questions by clicking on the Questions/Answers icon in the same line where the procedure’s title is displayed (even after upload time). After clicking this icon, use the New Question button to enter the subject and text of your question relating to the procedure, or to add attachments if any.

I have questions or I want to send documents to the organizer.

You can ask questions by clicking on the Questions/Answers icon in the same line where the procedure’s title is displayed (even after upload time). After clicking this icon, use the New Question button to enter the subject and text of your question relating to the procedure, or to add attachments if any. 

Questions will be displayed only to the Requester and it is him/her who can answer them. However, please carefully make sure that you do not include any information about your company, your name and position in the text of the question addressed to the Requester. When the Requester sends you and answer it will be accessible by every bidder.  

I have been notified about modification of the tender status. What does this mean exactly?

The requester issued a call for a new round but your organization was not invited. Contact the organizer of the procedure for more detailed information about the decision.

The system does not allow the upload of files with .xlsx extension: the organizer has set xls format for uploaded files. How do I forward it to the organizer?

Open the file you want to upload in your spreadsheet software; go to “Save as” and choose Excel 97-2003 format. This file will get .xls extension which can be uploaded through the system.

It takes too long to upload the attachments; the document is still in upload status.

Upload speed also depends on your internet connection; we recommend to use file compression in case of a large file size.

I want to upload multiple files to a single field. How can I do this?

If you want to attach multiple files to a field, compress the files in a single package with zip extension. This way you will have all necessary documents in a single file which you can attach to the applicable form.

The system indicates that the questionnaire has been automatically saved. What does this mean exactly?

This safety function is designed to ensure that you do not have to start again filling in the form if you suddenly close the browser or your internet connection fails. This backup copy does not mean that the offer has been uploaded; you can forward your offer to the requester by using the Save & Upload button.

Can the requester access my proposal immediately after upload and save is done?

All uploaded tender material will only be accessible for the requester when submission time is over. The only exception is if the organizer of the procedure has enabled confirmation of proposals. But even in this case the material uploaded by you and your competitors will become accessible for the requester concurrently, once the last participant has uploaded his proposal and declared it final.

Participation in an auction procedure

How do I accept the invitation to an auction procedure?

Log in with your existing user name and password. You can find the name of the procedure under new auction invitations. Click on the hand icon on the left to the procedure to accept the invitation for the auction.

In practice mode, I am always second in the rank of bidders. Why is this?

In practice mode the system immediately places a counter-offer to the one you made. In the simulation the system always offers the best conditions, but of course this will have no effect on the auctions in live mode.

What does starting price mean in an auction?

Starting price means the highest (in case of sales procedures: the lowest) amount where bidding starts from. You will not be able to offer a higher (in case of sales, a lower) price that the starting price.

I don’t find where can I bid.

Look for the “eye” icon in the same line with the procedure’s name, on the right side. If the procedure has already started, this is where you can join in to bid. By clicking on the procedure’s name you can only view summary data.

How do I submit my bid?

For security reasons, you must enter your offer twice for every item. After filling in the fields click on the “submit proposal” button.

How long will the auction procedure last?

The duration of the auction cannot be defined in advance. It depends on the setting how many extensions are allowed (until a valid offer arrives/the ranking is changed/number of extensions set). In case of a one-time extension of the auction, the system will indicate this by an automatic message on the screen.

The auction has started but I don’t see the bids.

The auction was set to allow viewing of the best bid only after making your first bid; therefore, you must submit a bid to be able to view it.

Another bidder in the auction gave a 100-euro better quote, while according to the settings the minimum decrement is 50 euros. How is this possible?

The minimum decrement always relates to your previous quote - not to the quotes of other bidders. (Unless the setting was “Better than current best” - in which case you should give a better quote than the currently best bid.)

What happens if I don’t submit a bid during the auction procedure?

In this case the requester will consider your last written proposal.

I cannot see the best price, “N/A” is displayed in the best price column!

The organizer has set up a blind auction. In this case only your position is indicated and you will not be able to see the current best price.

I saw on the screen that the best quote was ours, but after closing the auction it turned out that it were not us who gave the best terms. How is this possible?

There is a tiny stick in the upper part of the system, close to the system time. If the tick keeps turning it means the internet connection between your computer and our server works well. When the connection fails, the stick stops turning and a red exclamation mark appears. In this case there are likely to be problems with your internet access. We recommend to switch to mobile net or to another computer, or let the organizer know about the network problem.

Does it make sense to wait until the last moment with submitting my bid?

No! In most cases auctions are set to automatically extend if a new quote is submitted. You can view extension policy settings by clicking on the auction’s name in the summary view, after access time.

Moreover, there could be internet connection failures or calculation errors (for example, the minimum decrement is not met), and if this is the case the system will not accept the quote in the last moment.

As the system may not accept your bid due to verification of the 10% or other rules, never schedule your bid to the last moments. If you do so, it may not be possible to verify your quote or to correct any error.

Why was the auction closed earlier?

Timing of the auction is set based on the system time that is displayed on the system interface. Make sure to watch the system time (and remaining time) because the time set on your own computer setting can differ from that, even with several minutes.

I submitted a quote in the last minutes but the procedure was not extended.

This means the quote you submitted did not change the ranking. It is likely that the organizer set the auction to extend only if the ranking changes.

I have submitted a wrong price. What can I do?

Except for public procurement tenders, the organizer has the right to cancel the bid; if this occurs, you should always contact the organizer. Electool is not authorized to cancel a bid.

The information was sent to my colleague whereas I am the responsible person. How can I participate in the auction?

If a colleague shares with you his/her login data, you can use that account. If you would like an own account please contact the organizer of the procedure.

We are listed in the system with our former company name, but this has changed in the meantime. How can I modify it?

Only Electool can modify company names and data, and only upon a written request by the company concerned. If any of your company data has been changed, please indicate this to our customer service and we will make the requested changes. But it is always the users’ responsibility to maintain their personal data (e-mail address, name, user name).

Technical questions

What browser should I use to access the Fluenta system?

  • Google Chrome version 59.0 or later
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 10, 11 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox version 54.0 or later

Can we edit a tender procedure or bid at an auction from multiple computers simultaneously?

It is not recommended to participate in a procedure with the same user account from multiple computers simultaneously. In such cases disruptions in communication or other loss of data may occur.

We are in the process of a tender upload or an auction when the internet connection was lost. What can we do?

Depending on the source of the problem, you may switch to another computer or another internet connection (e.g.: a mobile net). If you are unable to solve the problem within a short time, please call the organizer and indicate the problem.

Could the software running on the computer affect the course of the auction procedure?

During the auction procedure, active attention and constant monitoring of information is most important.

During bidding it is not recommended to run high-bandwidth applications because these may cause difficulties or delays in sending the bids or in screen update.

All browsers maximize the number of concurrent connections, therefore it is not recommended to visit other websites during bidding time or to access the application from multiple windows.

Is the system secure? Who can view the data entered in the system?

Yes, it is secure. Find more details about data protection here.