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Ákos Szabó    

He worked as a sourcing manager and central purchasing director for eight years. As sourcing leader of MOL Rt, he was responsible for the procurement of IT equipment and services, as well as other non-production equipment, MRO products and professional services. He has outstanding experience in electronic tendering and in preparing services for auctions. As one of the leaders of MOL Rt’s marketplace project, he acquired practical knowledge in launching and operating marketplace systems. At his earlier employer Eridania Béghin-Say Hungary he built up and managed a centralized sourcing organization covering a broad spectrum of products; he led the BPR projects and managed the deployment of the ERP system in the procurement unit. He has been CEO of Electool from 2004.

Zoltán Deák    
Business Development Manager (Hungary)

His knowledge of economics is rooted in employment with KPMG where he worked as advisor and auditor for several years. Subsequently, he improved his international and hands-on skills as a practicing CFO for seven years. He gained outstanding experience at E.ON group; he was involved in the company’s full re-engineering and re-organization as CFO at DÉDÁSZ Rt and at E.ON group’s IT company. This was where he managed to put in practice, in a short time, the effectivity and cost efficiency tools necessary to transform the corporation into a cost-effective business, mature for market liberalization. Zoltán also has sophisticated knowledge about outsourcing and streamlining non-core supportive functions. From 2001, he had been deputy CEO for finances at Hungary’s leading e-commerce solution provider Marketline Rt. where he led the development and hands-on implementation of the company’s sourcing services. In our company, he is the one who understands well the problems of financial executives, speaks the language of buyers and decision makers and is able to draft and present solutions from a bird’s eye view, without getting lost in details. Zoltán is not the “problem solving man” at our company – we have a very skilled staff for this –, but he is unbeatable when it comes to synthesizing business environment and challenges. He has been chief business development officer at Electool since 2004.

Ferenc Varga    
Head of Sales

He had begun his career as a procurement specialist; utilizing the advantages deriving from this function, he gained experience in selling high-value B2B services. From 2001, he has been responsible for sales operations at Hungary’s leading e-commerce solution providers. Ferenc has outstanding experience in the field of electronically supported sourcing solutions and has managed the implementation of such solutions at several large enterprise clients. Through studying and improving the efficiency of the supply chain and sourcing activities at various businesses, he has acquired an impressively wide knowledge about implementation and application of electronic systems and sourcing services, both in domestic and international business environments. He regularly delivers presentations and lectures at various professional forums, conferences and higher education institutes. Zoltán is MBA in economics and also holds a diploma in mechanical engineering; he has 3 children and is board member and president of numerous civilian organizations. He is an enthusiastic touring motorcyclist. He has been responsible for Electool’s sales operations since 2004.

Csaba Simon    
Head of Professional Services

He worked for two years as development engineer at the plastics factory of Tisza Chemical Group (TVK). After acquiring his post-graduation as engineer-economist he worked as a controller, first at TVK and then at the commercial unit of MOL Rt. Csaba has considerable experience as an expert in planning and reporting procedures as well as in supportive IT systems of multinational companies. He has been responsible for special areas of sourcing such as procurement of information technology, administration materials, indirect materials, maintenance and professional services. By attending a two-year leadership course he acquired skills in project management and in managing complex tasks effectively. He is familiar with sourcing support systems (catalog system, online auction, tendering system, contract management, etc.), as well as with sourcing audit methods. Csaba has been working with Electool since 2005 as head of professional procurement services. He has managed hundreds of high-value sourcing tenders and dozens of comprehensive sourcing screenings successfully, either on his own or by leading a group of specialists. It is his task to manage the team responsible for providing system support and also to coordinate the work of specialists dealing with public procurement. Since 2007 Csaba has been responsible for quality management at Electool and had a key role in preparations for ISO 9001, 27001 and 14001 certifications.

Noémi Kuzmenkó    
Fluenta Product Manager

Noémi has 8+ years of experience in international procurement as pruchasing manager and the head of strategic purchasing group at Antenna Hungária. Her purchasing career culminated in a European category management assignment for Paris-headquartered TéléDiffusion de France before she joined Electool as the Product Manager for Fluenta in November 2014. She has an MBA specializing in knowledge management in purchasing and is experienced in building business cases for leveraging the capabilities of today’s procurement technologies. Noémi spearheaded the local and international deployment of various spend management solutions, including Fluenta, empowering procurement teams to improve overall business performance and make top-line growth contributions to the organization. Today she is responsible for the human centered design, development and customer support of Fluenta, making sure that Fluenta continues to deliver great value for its customers and users every day.

Ferenc Horváth    
Head of Public Procurement Services

Now in the second half of his thirties, Ferenc started his career as an economist (specialized in finances and later in business management and organization) in financial and accounting areas. He had worked in a bank and subsequently, for 10 years, acted as mid- and top level executive at the sourcing, logistics and commercial units of large enterprises. In 2008 he was awarded the prize Purchasing Manager Of The Year for his achievements at Hungarian Television. Ferenc is member of HALPIM Purchasing Managers’ Club. He occasionally publishes works of his own and is a devoted, active player in developing national public procurement methods and systems. He has been with Electool as head of public procurement services since 2012.