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Spend analysis, procurement outsourcing, special sourcing.

Procurement outsourcing

Many companies comission external experts to transact their procurement outsourcing processes in lack of time or capacity.

Strategic outsourcing

The strategic sourcing projects demand specific knowledge and insights that only professional consulting companies have.

Savings implementation

Maximize savings by transforming and automating the purchase-to-pay process and establishing well understood buyer and supplier processes.

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Why choose us?

Top business leaders know it: Procurement is a high-impact activity that can enhance a company's performance and significantly improve the bottom line. As a result, today's executives are expecting more savings than ever – savings they can measure in terms of earnings – that increase year after year.

However, truly maximizing the value of procurement, and ensuring that savings opportunities are optimized and fully recognized, is not a simple practice. It requires deep expertise across a wide range of buying categories and processes, an array of tools, technologies and information, finely tuned and well-integrated processes, and a commitment to ongoing measurement and improvement.

Electool brings all of these elements together to provide you with a complete procurement solution that supports all procurement-related processes – from finding savings through sourcing to ensuring savings are realized, through effective savings implementation and transaction management to ensuring ongoing cost improvements, through category management. Whether you need us to fully manage non-core categories or manage certain processes, our goal will always be to help you address more of your spend, identify more savings, and drive more euros to your company's bottom line.

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Where high-level sourcing experience and professional technology meet

The Single Source for Total Procurement Savings

Electool is a procurement services and IT solution provider committed to reducing procurement costs for our customers. We have a comprehensive range of offerings - supported by exceptional people, superior technology and service excellence - to deliver significant savings.

We do all of procurement and procurement is all we do

No other company matches our singular focus on the entire procurement process. We identify savings opportunities through strategic sourcing. We ensure realized savings through the effective management of purchase-through-payment transactions, supported by proven implementation programs. And we affect continuing cost reductions by making expenditures visible for better control, and by providing ongoing management support from category specialists.

Procurement is our entire business focus. We don't have other business interests or operations to manage. We don't hand off parts of the job to other companies. Everything we do is geared to one purpose, reducing procurement costs for our customers. And we carry out that purpose with single-minded dedication and accountability.

What values does Electool have?

  • Innovation in the service to our customers
  • Superior software solutions
  • Intercultural / regional competence
  • Integrity
  • Highly trained professionals
  • Sustainable profitable performance
  • Ongoing profitable performance in the sense of sustainable development is the basic requirement for all of our activities. We are commited to the interest of our customers and employees, the profitability is a prerequisite for long lasting service and foundation of further service development.
  • We are commited to customer satisfaction. We develop solutions and provide services of high technical levels to foster good partnerships with our customers.
  • We foster intercultural diversity within the Electool Group and work together as a team. Intercultural competence is our advantage in the regional competition.
  • We treat everyone fairly and with respect. We pursue an open and trusting dialogue within our company, with our business partners. We encourage our employees to be creative and make full use of their potential for the common success of the Company.

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