Asset management

Effective asset management is emerging at more and more companies for which our excellent solution is Tabula,
a cloud-based business management software.

Asset management

Developed on a professional basis - more than 10 years - our software provides a solution for managing data and documents for various types of asset types of a company. It is also possible to manage different types of service related contents in the database.
A key advantage of the platform is that all administrations related to device management can be registered in a central system.

In a customized, company-specific database, any data, document feature and content can be individually mapped to unique needs, taking into account the specific internal records and operating characteristics within a company.
The possible management of the asset types can include:

  • Vehicle, other vehicles
  • Mobile phone, sim card
  • IT devices: laptop, monitor, printer
  • Office furniture
  • Any other asset category used within the company.

The software implementation can be quickly and flexibly done along with specific customer internal demands and specifications, where the solution is not implemented as a box product, unlike other asset management softwares and solutions.

System features

Business content related features:

  • flexibly and quickly customizeable fleet administration
  • detailed and transaction level registration of management solutions for users and assets
  • export-import function, dynamic queries with automatic reporting possibilities
  • management of various service content related to operation
  • automated event alerts based on defined content and time cycle
  • approval work flow (order, reservation)
  • IT supported and optimized pool claim management (replacement car, pool car)
  • easily uploadable reports (fuel, service, possibility to upload previous database sources)
  • TCO (total cost) for each asset with a few clicks
  • continuous improvements, more and more functions.
What kind of report do you want about the fleet or the users? We have already made some….

General featues about the Platform:

  • online, internet based, closed administration system
  • safe, secured access, 128 bit SSL connection, firewall protection
  • device independent, supported by virtually any widespread operating system and browser
  • multi-user interface, common administrative environment, simultaneous work ability
  • permission management at modul level
  • modular extensibility
  • continuous technical and professional support
  • compatible with GDPR
  • mobile application solution - handover protocol management, taking photo
  • paperless solution